Mustafa Yontar İnşaat Makinaları ve Kalıp San.Tic.A.Ş.

Mustafa YONTAR
From Date : 10/08/2012
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Mustafa Yontar A.Ş., as cumulatively boosted by its half-century business experience, continues its activities devoted to the manufacture of various building machinery.

Its corporate activity in the sector has preliminarily been initiated on, in order, building elevators, slag breaking machinery, concrete mixers and briquette machinery and subsequently concentrated on the production of the prefabricated concrete components manufacturing machinery.

Our company, currently continuing its activities in its modern factory and facilities built over a closed area of 32.000 m² located in the locality of Istanbul province-Büyükçekmece county-Hadımköy tollgate, has a strong competitive standing in the marketplace.

Primary products under our scope of manufacturing are; Full automaticly or manually operated blockmaking machines of various types and capacities, every sort of concrete paving stone, briquette, asmolene and kerbstone moulds; Concrete pipe moulds and machines of several types and capacities, employed in the manufacture pipes with diameter and length ranging from 150 mm to 3600 and 500 mm to 4000 mm respectively.

Concrete stacks, stack bases, bifurcated pipe and knee machines and required concrete mixers, elevating conveyors, concrete feeding bunkers and every sort of lifting cranes dedicated to the full-capacity operation of all our machinery under our scope of manufacture. With our experienced team and high class, rapid and cost-effective solutions to the requirements of our customers.

*************** In same factory,we make mould production by last technology and sensitive machines We use very special alloied raw material for mould production.Also we produce moulds by sensitive dimensions.

The monoblock frame moulds sheared and shaped by means of oxygenation are manufactured with distinguieshed high class steels in a wide spectrum of patterns. Enables mould shearing in desired conicity by means of movable shearing torque with a rotation flexibility of 360° specially manufactured for mould shearing. The monoblock moulds do not undergo power-degradation and preserve their stiffness after oxygenated shearing.

The monoblock moulds are more durable and no cracking occurs in female moulds. The mould design is effected under electronic means in a very swift sequence. Superb quality is acquired thorough the utilization of advanced technology. In our mould factory we can produce moulds for all types concrete block making machines. We use German technology machines for produce moulds and every mould is produced by heating process. *****************************

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