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From Date : 31/08/2012
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Flower Brine sec. Tic. Ltd. Sti. Began production in 1988 in Izmir. Continuously invested in improving itself over time, as well as new markets, focusing on the customer portfolio in domestic and overseas markets also gained a place. Without compromising the quality of products and services by continually increasing its market share, brand registrations built in the country and abroad. Plants ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System and HACCP (Hazard Analysis At Critic Control Point) system is applied in the hazard analysis critical control points and thus the supply of products from the production and delivery stages of the infectious micro-organisms harmful to human health until it reaches the consumer resulting from the processes are eliminated. Technical developments and their followers Flower brine, which is open, to continue their participation in trade fairs abroad and domestic food products, services and healthy food to continuously raise the bar for quality point, aims to increase its market share and retention. Dealers and consumers to encourage the positive demand and the Flower brine concentrating R & D efforts for the honor to inform you feel will work in order to serve you better.

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