Bartu Mermer Turizm Ltd. Şti.

From Date : 03/09/2012
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Founded in 1997, "Bartu Marble Ltd. Sti." Today, Turkey is among the leading manufacturers of marble and natural stone. Application and especially in the Mediterranean region, the company has completed many projects. Apprenticeship founders of the company on the path to mastery and the continuation of the manufacturing-sector experienced the difficulty of any kind, manufacturer, installer, and all the needs and expectations of customers who Triangle, and for this reason the only manufacturer in terms of production, but at the same time to look through the eyes of practitioners, along with customer-focused philosophy introduced. The mining sector began in 2001 with the factory set up in Phoenicia, "Bartu Marble" Limestone quarry in 2005, adds a new dimension by opening and continuation of the work begun exporting activities. Sister organization in 2009, the "Barla Marble Mining Ltd. Sti." Working with a new direction and continuation of the Isparta region accelerated and diversified its production by opening 3 new beige quarry. As of today, exporting to about 30 countries "Bartu Marble" and "Barla Marble" region and throughout the country is stable and is a major manufacturer.

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