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From Date : 10/09/2012
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In ancient times, one of the basic needs of people used animal skins to meet the needs of the dressing. Leather, skins nowadays used for covering the primitive ages, clothing, shoes, handbags, wallets, belts, etc. items, such as used in the construction. With a production capacity of Turkish leather industry experience and has managed to become the world's most advanced leather industry. LEATHER PRODUCTS GRANITE in us as our knowledge and experience in this industry since 1980 and treated aniline leather with a high-quality selection made ​​by hand men and women wallets, belts, key rings, credit cards, wallets, briefcases, custom manufacturing according to your request hood pad, leather promotional products, etc. in this sector of leather products, such as similar. Demonstrate the diversity of local products to the poor quality imported leather products, and (SKIN CAN Adds) With the motto ask you, we will produce our company, organization or promotion of all kinds of printed and unprinted is ready to meet the need for a general-purpose leather products. Thank you in advance for your interest in the show is a useful co-operation with the idea to take this opportunity wish you good work.

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