Detay Mobilya Proje Tas. İnş. Teks. San. ve Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti.

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About Us In 1978, the carpenter's workshop furniture manufacturing journey begins today with the team uses the best technology in terms of technology and office furniture, produces at full speed.
32 years of continuous improvement, the industry reached its goal of becoming a brand company in Turkey and the world-wide dealer network and 15,000 m2 ISO: 9001 and production is certified by TSE.
Every product manufactured, hard wooden craft labor, technology and blending, which brought to life the unique designs, 120 people have signed.
General production line;
Polished wooden chair sets
Melamine desks
Reception furniture
Office chairs is.
What is the best quality, honesty and business ethics by delivering to the end user within the framework of both Turkey to progress towards becoming a respected brand in the world.
The original designs in Turkey, many corporate companies and institutions that give life to his projects and the company has taken for the future growth of the sector and contributes to the technological steps.
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