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From Date : 01/11/2012
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Countries in calculating the wealth and power of its own citizens introduced by companies and their brands are now entering the account. Companies and brands to advertise their country is at the same time. Every citizen who loves his country, his country must embrace the company and the brand. This is due to a sense of ownership, company and brands, more people in the community belongs to the owner on paper. Sanica is today. Sanica today the brand is sold in 48 countries, with the words Made in Turkey. Represent as much as we love our fellow country. Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, New Guinea etc. There are residences of Heads of State Sanica. Sales partner in 2600 available in our country. Our struggle with foreign brands, it becomes more difficult with each passing day. First vendors to highlight their products in foreign countries if the quality-price countries are not performing, we begin the chance. Even though I respect how angry this idea. Behave responsibly, they know that their country's future depends on its national capital to be strong. Our country's energy resources, mines briefly're weak in terms of natural wealth. We have only one chance. B production. We will build, will produce non-stop. Will produce good quality, will be featured on this philosophy and economic Sanica'nın. For this purpose, new products continuously strive for. Sanica all of them use the brand.

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