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From Date : 03/11/2012
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At the end of the 1950s the industry transition to the Aegean Star 'hand presses, laboratory materials consisting of plastic medicine bottle and the cap has been with the production. Import facilities with relief Aegean Star Plastics Marketing and Commerce and Industry in 1959, the company was founded. Not the production of plastic raw materials in Turkey, imports that began in the days when even the troubled venture; 1965'li with the production of pipes and fittings in the construction and agriculture continued. Petkim a large portion of the raw materials from the supply to be with başlanmasiyle, Egeplast Co., Ltd. was established in 1973 assumed the role of the production, the sales and marketing company EGE has become a STAR. In the 1980s, after the transition to free market economy in our country, infrastructure, construction, and for use by the agricultural sector started to produce all kinds of plastic pipes and fittings. Turkey in line with market developments and needs, continually investing in and opened to the public in 1996 Egeplast, AOSB Izmir, and Adana Gaziemir operates a total of 80.000 m² closed production area. Egeplast, PVC, HDPE, MDPE, LDPE, PP, PPRC, including 85.000 tons of plastic processing capacity per year and uses the most advanced technologies in the sector has been always a matter of fact the creator of 'firsts' for the first time in our country, Fixed, sealed sewage pipe and fittings, gaskets segmented fixed (patent Egeplast belong to) waste pipe and fittings, brackets rain, stream and fittings for buildings, natural gas pipes, aluminum-headed polyethylene pipe used in agricultural irrigation (PEA Pipe), and additional parts, again due to agricultural irrigation water used in the connection system feature misses energy and water-saving ASPVC pipe and fittings, 1000 mm. pressure up to a diameter PVC water pipes (Europe only), 1000 mm. diameter PVC sewer pipes, (third in Europe) Egeplast produced. Plumbers in Turkey Aegean Yıldız also the first company to seminars.

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