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From Date : 07/11/2012
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Since its inception, the name constantly "firsts" Imagine a company referred to. Over the past 60 years "to produce the non Turkey," the way philosophy is a growing company in the area and ... Here they are Ayvaz'ı summarizing the key words. Her "quality" which is synonymous with the concept and understanding of the world today, which take 83 Herein lies the country's signature. Our journey started with a small workshop in 1948, nearly 600 people work today, a huge factory with an area of ​​32 000 square meters covered with the progress. Central plant as well as able to respond promptly to requests from abroad have established production facilities in Russia and Bulgaria is working non-stop day and night. Flexible metal hoses, compensators; kondentoplara level control devices, valves, fire-group products ranging from our product range, the ship industry to offer cutting-edge solutions in many fields ranging from solar energy systems. Of our products, as well as our own, the world's leading companies and business associations distributorship agreements, our special range of products is increasing with each passing day. Regional directorates in 10 major cities of Turkey and the rich quality of service thanks to our network of dealers constantly rising.

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