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From Date : 29/08/2012
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Since 1998, our company operates successfully pioneering and innovative work in the health sector's own resources and workforce of Turkey in spite of using the imported products and the regulatory pricing policy following the creation of contemporary and modern products to contribute to the economy of the country, is able to produce a small number of countries producing goods Turks' more fame by announcing the name of the sector, aims to provide a different and long-term service. Our products targeting excellence in sales and after-sales service on the free sale certificate Ministry of Health, College Reports, EN ISO 13485 Medical Product Safety System is CE certified and accredited certification organization approved by Türkak. Widespread distribution network, including the head office in Izmir with Turkish Standards Institute Ministry of Industry and Trade Service After Sales Service Competence Qualification and certified Technical Service Centre with all the home sales and after sales services successfully reached. Regards the future of our country, under the guarantee of effective service to our service system and devices. Economical. Periodic maintenance is reduced, the system and the devices are likely to fail. Fault repair contract customers are given priority. Systems and devices are kept under continuous recording for the technical information and updated. CORD MEDICAL modern, fast and reliable help from the hand of all our customers. Placement and Installation Application / Operation and Maintenance Training in Warranty / Non-Warranty Maintenance - Repair Spare Parts Izmir Ataturk Organized Industrial Zone has been operating its own factory, high production capacity.

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