İemca Giuliani Macchine İtalia S.p.a

From Date : 22/11/2012
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To deliver men from laborious work" has always been a theme from the founders of IEMCA and is still a priority today. Our relentless efforts to provide innovative, reliable and versatile bar feeder solutions to solve all work-handling problems, both maximizes productivity and reduces labor. Besides in our Italian headquarters, our bar feeders are today manufactured also in the Bucci Industries USA premises, located in the Charlotte, USA, in the Gimco premises located in Taiwan and in Bitech, China. In France, Germany, Brazil, & Japan we have branches for the sales and the service of our products, while a sales network covers the rest of the world territory. Our extensive range of quality bar-feeding systems and commitments to our valued customers, is why IEMCA are a global leader in the field of automatic bar feeders.

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