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Sector, which is one of the leading companies in Turkey PALACE BISCUITS, plant size and technology is one of the world biscuits and chocolate manufacturers.
Earth House, which opened a production facility in food production and a contemporary understanding of business rules. "Just in Time", the "just in time" approach to manufacturing plant, depending on market conditions, to adjust quickly refers to the amount of production. Full-time production approach, instantaneous changes in the world market, fast response makes it easy to give. This approach to business, raw materials, employment, storage, and distribution as well as provide significant advantages in terms of major inputs. For the benefit of consumers, the quality and delicious products to the palace, anywhere, at any time and to find the best fresh way.
House behind the success of the brand in domestic and abroad customer satisfaction with product quality and competitive company policy lies. House products, groceries, the small residential unit, up to the largest shopping centers, hypermarkets points of sale across Turkey, meets with consumers.
Each has its own segment, which is considered the pioneer of taste and quality of products with more than 400 in the House's R & D department more than 40 new products every year, bringing consumers.
In Turkey, the large national chain stores, as well as on the shelves of local stores, such as including abroad, the Central Export Unit, Istanbul Directorate of Export House branded products to over 70 countries and through distributors in overseas exports and the flavor and taste of consumers in these countries with the concept of offers products developed by our own R & D laboratories. 120 At the same time close to the Palace brand has been registered in the country. Has a strong position as a registered trademark. Industry-leading position in R & D activities in the palace, but also in the international arena represents the strength of overseas production facilities in Turkey.
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