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Fatin Bortaçina by the government of France Dijon University 'what has been sent. He studied engineering and spirits in 1950 to Turkey, Ankara, Kırıkkale before turning to the firm in the set up. He Bortaçina years kalecik wine grapes in the Central Anatolian black, white and sweetly orders' t worked. A significant portion of the production exported as @. In dry land of our father kalecik floksera disease, however, bonds of similar quality black currant grapes sought, and the decision was Avşa island. Black grapes brought to the island by the Greeks and Avşa France Bordoeux region is displaced adapted to the soil. Old tile will know the quality of wine. Bortaçina quality wine grapes wines with the latest technology to produced specific technique. Climatic conditions, from year to year () and (-) saves and wine quality is reflected directly. Both the mass wine production as well as making top quality wine production. Because the first-pressed manufacturing the best quality, medium quality and the third second-pressed Extra virgin gives low-quality wine. Sieve them to allocate and price. Wine is always investment. 2001 was a very high quality cleavage. Teyiz wear a large amount. Machines for the 1998 model early in 2002 when the latest technology. Cork from Portugal of. a.) to wine grape growing muhtahsili quality of the private sector should be encouraged and supported financially. b.) Wine producers of quality wines so wine lovers when they will rise. 2001-2002) in the @ capacity is improved. We opened our factory in order to increase the culture of wine in front of the house wine. We produce wines' Paste A.E.T. export countries. A.E.T. biggest problem in exports member that we do not. Consistency is 70,000 bottles of aged wine. Wine will be happy to welcome you in our house.

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