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SAAZOR Gear Technology, founded in 1943, is the inventor and the leading manufacturer of inserted blade hobs. Following the continuous enlargement of the Pforzheim site, a second plant was finally opened in France in 1975 – SAAZOR S.A. For a number of years SAAZOR has also been manufacturing solid high-speed steel and carbide hobs. Their tools are exported to the leading industrial countries of Europe, America and Asia. They are manufactured using the most modern machinery. High-performance high-speed steel and carbide are finished to a high degree of precision, heattreated, and PVD-coated. As well as coating our own products, various types of tools produced by other manufacturers or users are also coated in the SAAZOR PVD coating center. The trust which has been placed in us by others during our more than 60 years of experience obliges us to continue to meet the demands of our customers into the future, by providing quality-conscious manufacturing at market-oriented prices while strictly adhering to delivery deadlines.

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