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From Date : 28/11/2012
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Schouenberg & Partners VOF has more than 40 years practical experience in Product Design, Mold constructions, Injection molding process and the Organisation in the total injection molding branche. CalcMaster® was developed by Harry Schouenberg and Ir. Marcel Schouenberg in the Netherlands based on his 40+ years practical experience of product design, mold construction, moldmaking, plastics processing, consulting and teaching experience. The software has been continuously improved and upgraded. Many copies have been sold in Europe and Asia and it is now available worldwide. We have supplied a lot of companies in the automotive, other small and big plastic suppliers, moldmakers, product designers and universities. For the development of the CalcMaster software we cooperate together with institutes, moldmakers, injection molders and product designers. For the development we use a lot of practical information fromout the moldmaking and injection molding industry. CalcMaster® is available in North America through Selected Technologies.

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