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From Date : 04/12/2012
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1970: Founding of Torneria Automatic Bargellini, a workshop specializing in automatic bar lathe precision machining subcontracting work. 1989: The Bargellini company designs the very first hydraulic bar feeder which goes on to be produced for the next ten years. In the meantime work starts on the design of the Star automatic bar feeder. 2000: Top Automazioni is born. The new company, set up by Bruno Bargellini and his wife Valeria Abati, together with their sons Gian Maria and Nicola, specialises in the design, manufacture and sale of automatic lathe bar feeders. 2001: Top Automazioni patents a highly innovative PLC-controlled automatic bar feeder adjustment system that cuts out change-over times. 2003: The company, based in Poggio Berni (in north east Italy), successfully expands into foreign markets including the USA and Europe. 2005: Top Automazioni is choosen by the UNIONCAMERE award committee as the most "Innovative New Company in Italy " from among 100,000 Italian companies.

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