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The first ever cosmetic surgery!
Release Date : 2012-11-13
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With micro-cutting method developed all over the world recognized authority on rhinoplasty surgery plastic surgeon and sculptor of the Op. Dr. Tranquility, has scored a first in the world based on the CT scan technology.
Dr. Op. Tranquility, the Neues Museum in Berlin and the famous bust of Nefertiti made by the court sculptor Thutmose and bust also made history's first cosmetic operation had concluded. Dr. Avsar, bust, bust, according to data obtained from CT technology, in-depth studied and damaged parts of the ear by the method of reconstruction was completed. Re-making the bust, Nefertiti's face revealed no implants.
It's called "beautiful", which is accepted as a symbol of beauty throughout history, which means Nefertiti, Pharaoh Akhenaton that 3000 years ago with her husband, put the old Egypt, a radical renewal process. In this process, the old capital, TEB Amarnaya moved, changed, and all of them believed God, then family members began to disappear mysteriously. "Lost Kingdoms" la relevant today, there was no concrete evidence of this period. Nefertiti face was hidden behind the curtain of a secret until now. Op. Dr. Tranquility, the bust of Nefertiti in Berlin, CT scanning technology was based on the analysis of the actual findings.
Dr. Op. Tranquility, according to the results of a CT scan done and retouching terra cotta busts of Nefertiti in fact the true face of the outer plaster statue, but said that the interior plaster. Dr. Avsar, "we found that CT scan of Nefertiti, his face is not satisfied with sculptor düzelttirmiş places. Nefertiti mouth and cheek areas are not wrinkles, bumpy nose and cheekbones are characterized adjustment is made in accordance with the ideals of beauty that is optimized era." he said.

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