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Turkish-Egyptian Business Summit
Release Date : 2012-11-19
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Speaking at the Turkish-Egyptian Business Summit, Minister of Economy. Zafer Caglayan, Egypt and Turkey, which is still in force in the substance placed on the Free Trade Agreement of agricultural products and to develop co-operation, he said. Minister Caglayan, the two sides on this issue at the end of the studies that identify what matters further steps jettisoned, developed substances Turkey-Egypt Free Trade Agreement will take place next year, he said.
Egypt and Turkey can work together in third countries, in particular in the field of contracting and construction stated that the Minister Caglayan, "I just nine years ago, the trade volume of $ 535 million, the limit was $ 5 billion today. Prime Minister us to reach a target of $ 10 billion trade volume work together, "he said.
$ 1.5 billion investment in Egypt, there were as many as 200 business people emphasizing the Minister Caglayan, Turkish businessmen leave Egypt during the revolution did not, but after the revolution, increasing a number of investments reported.
Turkish businessmen to invest in Egypt during the revolution without thanking Economy Minister Zafer Caglayan, the Turkish-Egyptian Business Summit businessmen of the two countries, underlining that the morale and encouragement.
Source: Ministry of Economy

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