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Release Date : 2012-11-26
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Under the auspices of the government of Tunis, Tunisia, with the participation of the Prime Minister of Tunisia Ministry of Industry, Investment and Promotion Agency in the field of industrial by API "New Tunisia New Opportunities" slogan to 28 - November 30, 2012 held in Tunisia, "2012 International Business and Technology Conference and Exhibition" will be .
Organization that performs API (TASCA) organization, Cultural Association of Turkish-Arab Science (TASE), the Turkish-Arab Research and Strategy
stitüsü cooperation protocol signed between Turkey and the said organization organizer (TASE) is carried out by.
After the revolution of Tunisia in the new economic opportunities provided by foreign investors with investment opportunities to share table, and hence the "New Tunisia New Opportunities with the slogan" The purpose of the organization, the diversification of foreign partners, in particular the Government of Tunisia Turkey as a strategic partner in the industry and experience in the field of development and take a sample of Turkish investors in the investment industry and the new structure is to make them a priority.
The scope of the organization, and more than 500 firms attended the fair Tunisia, a very large number of foreign visitors is expected, especially with the North African countries of Tunisia, Algeria, and Libya, all of which is contiguous approximately 1,000 businessmen to attend as a visitor.

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