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Business investment Call for men to Algeria from the Consul General
Release Date : 2012-11-30
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Algerian Rachid Meddah Consul General in Istanbul, Turkish businessmen urged to invest in their country.
Consul General Rachid Meddah, which will be held with the organization and İnegöl TUSKON about 40 business people attended the pre-Algeria-Turkey Business Forum İnegöl came Furniture made ​​a number of visits to the factory. İnegöl Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (İNSİAD) İnegöl by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ITSO) also participated in the seminar which Meddah, urged businessmen invest.
İnegöl'lü stated that businessmen Rachid Meddah very excited, "Arrival departures trade comes back to life even more. Country, and it was very good Inegol saw the potential. So that will be held next month in Algeria, Algeria and Turkey Furniture Business Forum İnegöl business affiliate of the country, on behalf of his men extremely pleased. Algeria made ​​a million housing units. addition, over one million 175 thousand residential housing is being built in our country will be better. Therefore, these houses are going to import a large part of the furniture and wood assembly, "he said.
Some of the improvements that can be done in the coming period Meddah visa and customs matters, "the friendly and brotherly country Turkey and Algeria, as we want to make more commercial shopping. Displayed the rapid development of the economic aspects. Consequently İnegöl'lü furniture and textile manufacturers expect business people to invest in our country . consulates and embassies all kinds of initiatives of this kind of help and support we can, "he said.
Meddah style reminiscent of European countries pointed out that the level of quality in Turkey, "Turkey is capable of producing high quality and cheap with economic development. Algeria, we would like to take advantage of it. Confident about it," he said. - Bursa

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