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Turkish businessmen 'compensation for loss' mentioned
Release Date : 2012-12-24
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General Chairman of the Libyan National Congress and the President, Mohammad Yousuf Magaryaf, no company in Libya to the injured çiğnemeyeceklerini said, 'Who will compensate them how much damaged. After that, more than just the Turkish companies will be able to work in Libya, "he said.
General Chairman of the Libyan National Congress and the President, Mohammad Yousuf Magaryaf and the accompanying delegation, Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB), the Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK) Turkish-Libyan Business Council of Turkey-Libya working dinner held at the Ciragan Palace, hosted by the Turkish business men met.
President speaks at dinner Magaryaf, warm relationship between Libya and Turkey is based on very deep roots, especially with what happened in Libya recently stated that the relationship had grown even stronger.
For their contributions to the Turkish government in reaching the success of the Libyan revolution, the Magaryaf, Turkey's government and the public as a justification for a lot of them in this fight, he said.
Magaryaf Turkey, not just to their home countries, stressed that support for all the countries experiencing the Arab Spring.
There were adverse events related to Turkish companies in Libya, voicing Magaryaf, 'God willing, the next process will be better than before trade relations. Turkish companies in Libya was damaged during the Revolution. Which the company continues to carry out in order to determine how much to be injured. I çiğnemeyeceğiz to a company. Who will compensate them how much damaged. Libya 42 years managed to have a mind of a madman. Therefore, the distribution was not fair. After that, more than just the Turkish companies will be able to work in Libya, "he said.
- 'Libya to be rebuilt, we need to Turkish companies olacak'-
Magaryaf both economic and administrative institutions, pointing out that they are in the process of rebuilding, "built during the Turkish economic, political, and want to take advantage of the democratic experience," he said.
In this process, the people of Libya, describing the enormous amount paid Magaryaf, said:
'Damaged by Turkish companies in Libya until the Libyan people also suffered from this process. Because they were deprived of the services of Turkish companies. Mutual comes to no harm. This topic will address the Libyan state fair and equitable manner. No doubt all of Libya so far, maintain security, but we live in a number of challenges.
Required to act in the investors hesitate to leave this safety issue. But I dare to trade a little bit of work. Turkish investors should be even bolder in particular, because the Libyan people sympathetic to Turkish investors and other investors more love. '
Second Deputy Prime Minister in Libya AVAD hand rail, some Turkish companies, the new regime took power after the re-start of operations expressed that he was happy.
Libyan Housing and Infrastructure Minister Ali Hussein al-Sharif, however, the period of the next period will be rebuilt in Libya, stressing that much more needs to Turkish companies during the period of this development is emphasized.
- 'Our companies the payment of progress payments, compensation for losses arzuluyoruz'-
TOBB Vice President Halim Mete, the Libyan president's visit to Turkey, said the two countries will strengthen the relationship between the powerful brotherhood, launched in 2011, freedom, democracy and the struggle for justice in Libya, told us that a new era had begun.
Libya's economic and social structure that closely follows the steps taken to and support for bold and comprehensive records Mete, 'has solved its internal problems, legitimate governments have established, diversified economy, raising quality of life of the people, who deserved place in the regional order, a Libyan, Turkish the common desire of the private sector. The principle of maximum co-operation and integration, with the people of Libya want to establish cooperation in all areas and at all levels' he said.
Turkey can transfer to Libya entered a period of radical transformation, indicating that a backlog of serious Mete, 'The first objective in Libya must allow the flowering of an entrepreneurial middle class, "he said.
The top and bottom of the structure f

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