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Why ?
If you want to :
► Get new customers.
► Increase your market share.
► Prospect new markets.
► Sale on other lands.
► Have a new positioning.
► Linking directly with potential customers and partners.
One solution is offered to you the new PORTAL WEB of TURALCOM a fast, convenient, and efficient way to make yourself known and promote your products and services.

Users Support
One-to-one support for forming of your company pages Company profiles, product definitions and image uploading are done by our foreign trade experienced staff for new companies registered to and user name with password are sent. The advantage of this is :
• Well defined company on e-trade websites generates positive search results inside the web site and search engines and increase sales in the future.
• It does not occupy foreign trade staff that does not have any information about graphic and image editing and well designed aesthetic presentations show up.
• It lightens workload of foreign trade department that has limited time to review leads.
• Products and images are not only published with their names but also background search / related words label your company and products better.
Optimization of Search Engines
Appropriate Software for Search Engines;
Today many companies have to pay for their products to be placed on top in search engines on internet.
The members of are placed in search engines in a very short time. When it is considered that SME scaled companies do not have enough budget for international advertisement then the significance of your membership is understood clearly.
In summary of our membership ;
• Products are placed in search engines in a very short time.
• Products present at the top of search engines with their products.
• Companies will not be under pressure of ads of rival companies
• Value of brand and prestige increases.
• Companies publish their products on internet.
Member Links
If a registered company on defines 100 products then this company has total 10201 links.
These links are stored by search engines through bots visiting Turkishexporter.Net registered to the most important search engines and thus thousands of people from different countries reach you by product names.
Software solutions of place its customers on top of search engines by defining the best keywords for companies online stated as having billion pages.
First Step Support
Turalcom usually works with companies having foreign trade department but also supports companies which have never exported or have made indirect export with their mailings and help them establish an export unit. Moreover it makes companies to export by giving support for all processes like freight, customs operations.

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