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Delete FIX Tack Cloth
Country : Turkey

Product Summary
Delete Fix ® Tack cloth painted, varnished, lining and is designed to clean all types of surfaces. With its unique features, the product air dry them without raising any dust and dirt from hard to get him through, and the location was spotlessly clean. CLEAR ® Tack Cloth Patch is designed for solvent-based paints and easy to be used in removing dust at home, at the office or anywhere you want with its own unique structure. Texture of this product is totally organic and angry

Product Description

GENERAL FEATURES resin is suitable to use anywhere duster dusting using a special feature, the quality is excellent and softly Waterlessly does not contain carcinogenic substances. Soiled. Two car tack cloth to clean everything from a single layer of silicon topics include available Abslutely MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) Certificate. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Ingredients: 100% absorbent cotton wool yarn impregnation: Non-curing resin (total weight 60 ½) Color: Light Yellow (if desired can be produced in white color) Dimensions: 90 cm x 36 cm Flammability: 200 ° C Storage: Store in original container in a cool, dry place packing: plastic bag packing 1 pcs, 100 drives cardboard box Warranty: Unlimited use - in original packaging • uSE W

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