(Update 28.Eylül.2012) confidentiality agreement governs your use of this site. The use of this site, within the following confidentiality rules authorizes us. Meanings of all the terms in this text, you accept the terms of service to use site contains similar meanings atfedilenlere poorly defined.

Information We Collect

Registration Information: When you register to become a registered member on the site, the registration form, information (name, surname, address, phone / fax number, e-mail address and other personal information, information about your business) "Registered Information" will be asked to complete.

Publication Info: site using various media tools, company profile, product information, business classifieds, message board, information is approved for publication as "Posted Information" is considered.

Payment Information: If you purchase site advertising a service or billing information, credit card number, check or money transfer information, such as numbers, a variety of additional information "Payment Information" as we may ask.

Statistical Information: Our website and a variety of public statistical information about our users, IP addresses, browser type, operating system, page views, number of sessions, unique visitors and so on. View the "Statistical Information" collecting it.

Registration Information: Published information, Payment Information, Statistical Information, etc. cookie information (cookies) through the use of "Collected Information" as described collect information.


How to use the information

General: improve our services we collect information for marketing, statistical analysis of site usage, content development, product descriptions, site content, structure and quality of the service we use to personalize it for you. At the same time, to better serve you in the name of collected information, solve problems, and problems in terms of the execution of the agreement between us and use that. Clear information based on the precise analysis of data collected from partners, customers, agencies, and share with potential users. Collected information for marketing campaigns, ads and advertising campaigns can use the third people of the.

Registration Information: Registered, both for information and interest to serve you better use it to notify you of new services. In particular e-mail address, mailing address, telephone or fax number you various information, reviews, product listings and site usage information about a new service or product offerings are used to contact you about.

Publication Info: in the general user information Any information you provide to us for publication and patent protection may mean that you will renounce your information (although not the full privacy policy, and copy rights are included).

Payment Information: payment information to complete transactions related to banks or brokerage houses share. use for the determination of the credit value of your payment information or payment information to be used in the event of such a determination can enable the use banks or agencies. Any credit card information that you provide to us through the site directly sent to the bank's credit card processing center. alter the physical or electronic copy of your credit card, not correct. Although it uses the latest technology Payment Knowledge in the use and maintenance of the technologies and procedures of this kind of theft, loss and the risk of error can not guarantee completely fixes. you against any person or unauthorized use, publication, disclosure or any payment information including credit card information against damage caused by incorrect use of the case can not be a liar.

Statistical Information: Statistical information encountered in solving problems with our server, site management, development, and use it to improve the user-based services. Built-in reports and analysis based on statistical data analysis, visualization, and use of marketing activities. This statistical information to third parties without your explicit consent in such a case we can, but we do not personally-defined information.


Collected information, or an attempt to commit the infringement or damage, or that 's our users, partners, other web sites violate the rights, harm, or similar identification of those activities, communication, law enforcement establishment and the right to submit to the competent authorities for the implementation of reserve.

It also collected information in public court summons or a warrant or judicial order to submit such a request for information to meet the demands of laws, regulations, or any court, government agency or auditor in accordance with the orders given to administrative agencies if we believe we reserve the right to submit.
If you use a user agreement or any other agreement with us, we believe violated, in which case the user information, the right to publish or otherwise disclose in order to protect search and probable reserve the right to damages.

Common Brand-Based Relations

In order to provide extra benefit for your other products and services we do not offer, we are also working with other institutions and organizations. This link to our website in the form of access to resources, or "co-branded" with us under the same structure as the source location, the domain name of the share, or sharing sites on the Internet presented in the form of the pages below provide a domain name. In some cases, for the registration of some of the information or the products and services provided by third parties or the public markalarca application you may be required for the application. Confidentiality agreements other parties may differ from ours, and those of you not be able to control the information you provide to third parties or co-branded organizations. So you other companies / sites that offer any evaluation contracts, read and evaluate carefully before purchase of the product or service is recommended.

Cookies (Cookies)

Collect specific information about visitors to our site in order to monitor traffic, use "cookies". "Cookie" is a small internet browser, a piece of data sent to and stored on your hard disk. A "cookie" on your hard drive, but you can be sent to you if you enable the use of our website. If you do not delete the cookie each time you visit our website, or do not remove the activity, Our servers will be informed about their arrival to our website and how you use information about your visits so that you will be the owner.

If you want to use the browser to access the site will be accepted, or to define settings, you can control how a cookie. If you wish, browserınızdaki change this configuration. With this change you can make settings for the browser to accept all cookies, to be notified when a cookie is sent to reject it. If you reject all cookies through the browser settings, our site may be asked to re-input information and not use certain parts of our site.


The Site and the content within the applicable law is not intended to be given to minors, and there is no intention to sell any product or service to minors. However, no one who wants to access our site have no way to identify the age, and therefore apply to all age groups in this Privacy Agreement. If you are unprotected parent or guardian of a minor without the consent of their personal information to us, if the parent or guardian should contact us to delete this information.

Security Measures

To prevent inappropriate access to data security and to make sure that the appropriate use of information, reliability, use commercially proven security methods.

As a registered user, Register your knowledge and your information is published on the structure of the data is displayed and can be changed password-protected account. In this case, we recommend you not to give your information to anyone. No staff from us you will never ask you for your password by phone or via e-mail. If you are using a computer shared, site, your login information (user name and password, etc.) not save. Your session is finished remember to close your account and close the browser window.

No data over the wireless network or over the Internet can not be guaranteed to be moved safely. In this case, we are trying to protect your information, no web site or company, we are including 100% safety of your information that you provide to us will never be preserved in a way that you can guarantee with certainty their risk assumed would be.


Changes To This Privacy Policy Copyright

This Privacy Policy is made any changes, the revised Privacy Statement will be published on the site be notified by e-mail members. Modified Privacy Statement mailed immediately aktifleştirecektir the new Privacy Act. All collected data (primarily gathered or collected after activation, or a new contract) and manage the new Privacy Policy and agree to be effective. If you do not accept the new Terms of Use Privacy Agreement with the specified address yazışmalısınız of information and in particular 's, or you may request to return' s management may request deletion of all or part of your information is collected. This Security Agreement last modified on September 28, 2012.

Correction of Information in registered information by accessing your account with your username and password can access your information published, view, and modify.


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